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To Whom It May Concern

I am a 53 year old man who has just finalized a three year divorce initiated by my wife. One of the best decisions I made at the start of my divorce was to hire the Law Firm of Sari Friedman to represent me.

I am a registered nurse at a prestigious N.Y. hospital, and I am used to doing my homework. I interviewed over 20 attorneys in the Nassau/Suffolk area before choosing Ms. Friedman's firm, and I can say beyond all doubt that I am happy I did my homework and thrilled with my choice.

Throughout my extremely complicated case, the attorney's and staff who were involved with me from the Sari Friedman Law Firm were excessively dedicated, extremely competent, and readily available to me. From their exceptional support staff to Sari Friedman herself, I was met with an "At Your Service" attitude from genuine people who readily responded to my concerns, were exceptionally well versed in the legal matters at hand, and NEVER failed to go the extra mile for me.

The Friedman Law Firm's ability to continuously seek resolution in an exceptionally hostile environment, while protecting my interests astounded me. As time wore on, their dedication to my case and my interests only intensified, culminating in what I could only describe as a spectacular display of professionalism during trial and final negotiation. I can honestly say I have been able to walk away from this life altering event as whole as could possibly be imagined.

As anyone who has been through this process or works in the legal field could tell you, there are no "winners" in a divorce. So much is dependent on factors well beyond the control of both you and your attorney. I will tell you that during the course of the three years I worked with the Friedman Law Firm, everyone I met within the system who asked me about my representation spoke exceptionally high of Sari, her firm, and their representation abilities. I now see why.

I believe Sari Friedman, Andrea Friedman, and their support staff Cynthia and Emily to not only be exceptional professionals, but exceptional human beings as well. I would highly recommend the services of the Sari Friedman Law Firm to anyone needing divorce representation without hesitation or reservation.


A. C.

Dear Sari Friedman,

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for all your help over the last 2 years. I am happy and grateful. I still remember the day I walked into your office, emotional and totally unaware of the divorce process. Today I am in a better state of mind and quite educated. You"ve been a great counsel, providing good legal advice, being pragmatic, sensitive, and assertive.

Everything I could ask for. I have to thank you for the "Pendente Lite arrangement". I now have a great parenting time. I"m grateful that even though Daniel does not go with me anymore, I have a great relationship with Michael. You have a great team and it"s been fun working with Andrea all this time.

I must mention that Andrea was very helpful and provided great advice, and dealing with my emotions especially all the drama with the Kids. Thanks again Andrea for putting together the Parenting Stipulation and the numerous motions we made. I have to also mention Allyson who did a great job of wrapping everything up with the settlement docs, even rushing in the rain on Monday to Jerome"s office.

Then there is Cynthia and Emily who were always there to help me whenever I needed them. Cynthia has always been nice but I"ve never had the courage to ring that bell, I don"t know why. Overall, it was a great experience. You and your staff were very helpful, honest and kind. I wish you all the best in the future. Thanks again for everything.

God Bless


Dear Sari, Andrea & entire Sari Law Crew,

I write to you today a very happy man! Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation of what you and your firm has done for my family and I. Winning sole custody was more than just a victory for me, it was a victory for my 19 month old son, Joey Jr.

When I walked though your doors some sixteen months ago, I did not know what to expect. The "no-nonsense", "cut to the chase", and stern approach caught me off guard, and almost scared me away! I did not understand at first why you cannot get emotionally attached to your cases or clients. As they say, there are always 3 sides to every story, so to speak. You did your job of bringing the truth out at trial, and showing the NY State Supreme Court that the best interests of my son, were to be raised by me, his single father. I am now glad that you were all business when it came to my case.

I want to thank you Sari for fighting so hard at trial. You are a pit bull, but more importantly, you know how to cross examine. You told me not to wait for it, but you did bring forth that "Code Red" moment, and I thank you!

Andrea, thank you for your attention to detail. Thank you for your day to day dealings with my family and I, and our 1 million questions, thoughts and concerns. Thank you for painting the picture for Sari to display on my trial dates.

And to you Cynthia and the rest of the crew, thank you for your support and patience with me over the past sixteen months. For taking my calls, giving great advice, letting my son Joey run around the office when I had no one to watch him and had to bring him with me, and promptly sending my bills/invoices on an extremely regular basis.

One thing I have learned, if you believe in what you are fighting for, get in the trenches and help fight. Apparently it is not impossible for a single father to attain sole custody of his infant, if it is in the best interests of the child.

I am sure we will work together for many years to come, considering my circumstances. And one day when Joey is old enough, I am certain of one thing... He will walk through those same doors that I did, some sixteen months ago, to thank you all personally himself.

With much love, appreciation, joy and gratitude,

Joey Sr.

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