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Advocate for Fathers’ Rights in Long Island, New York

In today’s society where women seek equal opportunities in the workplace and where both mothers and fathers pursue careers, a “stay-at-home” wife and mother is a less common occurrence. Along with this, fathers are playing an increased role in the home environment, including spending time with children and being more active in raising them.

In the face of all of this, shouldn't fathers have rights too? At The Fathers’ Rights Association of New York State we believe that no greater vocation can be had by a woman or man than to be a parent. Our organization’s purpose is to promote the equality of that vocation and to offer men and women an organization for the mutual support to pursue their equal rights. We provide peer support to our members along with resource materials in a range of subjects, including divorce, separation agreements, child custody, child support, spousal support, paternity, and maintenance.

Protecting the Rights of Fathers

As a charitable, nonprofit in the state of New York, The Fathers' Rights' Association of New York State, Inc. is comprised completely of volunteers who are dedicated to the rights allotted to fathers. We strongly believe in a parents' rights to their children when it comes to custodial, visitation, and support matters. The same rights given to competent mothers should also be given to equally competent fathers, and it is our mission to ensure that this happens.

Strengthening the relationship between fathers and their children is our ultimate mission, and we are dedicated to providing educational programs and information in order to meet our goal. As advocates for the cause, we only wish to raise public awareness and educated individuals on the importance of a father-child relationship. We provide peer support, resources materials, and some of the best references available, all in an attempt to build and maintain the relationship a father has with his child.

There is no question that a child will share a special relationship with his or her mother. However, a child’s relationship with his or her father is just as important and should be protected. Having both parents involved in raising a child is usually in the best interests of the child in the long run, and that is precisely what court decisions are based upon in regards to legal issues affecting children, such as custody, support, and visitation.

At our organization, we vehemently believe that fathers’ rights are important and need to be actively protected. That is why we provide the support that fathers need in the face of child custody disputes, divorce, and legal separation. We recommend working with a New York fathers’ rights lawyer or attorney if you are a father facing any serious family law matter.

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