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Paternity is a major issue as far as fathers’ rights are concerned. In New York, paternity may be established between unmarried parents by an Acknowledgment of Paternity which the father signs at the hospital at the time of birth, or by an Order of Filiation, which is a court order declaring a man to be a child’s legal father. When a married woman has a child, her husband is considered to be the child’s legal father – unless the court decides otherwise after due process.

Establishing or disestablishing paternity is best done with the help of a knowledgeable New York family law attorney. Whether you are a father looking to establish paternity in order to assert your child custody and visitation rights, or if you are seeking to prove that you are not the father in order to avoid child support and other financial responsibilities for a child that is not yours, a Long Island fathers’ rights lawyer can help.

What happens if a man has not made an Acknowledgement of Paternity?

If an unmarried man and woman have a child together and the man does not sign an Acknowledgment of Paternity or an Order of Filiation has not been entered by the court, the man has no responsibility for the support of the child, as well as no rights for custody or visitation.

How can paternity be established?

In New York, paternity may be established by filing a Paternity Petition, which is served upon the respondent and filed in Family Court. A man who believes he is the father of the child may file the Paternity Petition, and so may the child’s mother, the child or the child’s guardian. Following the petition, a series of hearings may occur which will be used to determine paternity. Evidence in these hearings may include DNA or blood tests. If the respondent (the person who is served the Paternity Petition) admits paternity, additional hearings and DNA or blood evidence will likely be unnecessary and an Order of Filiation can be entered.

Long Island Paternity Issues & Fathers’ Rights

At The Fathers’ Rights Association of New York State we are strong advocates for fathers’ rights. We want to help fathers who are facing legal matters involving paternity hearings and court proceedings. While legal representation is not required in these proceedings, it will greatly impact you reaching the outcome you are seeking in your paternity issue. A paternity issue may be complex, and an attorney will know exactly what needs to be done to effectively represent your interests.

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