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Child Support

The Fathers' Rights Association of New York State

If you are a father currently facing a divorce or separation agreement in Long Island, New York, we recommend that you retain the services of a skilled family law attorney to protect your rights as a father. Child support is an issue that will arise if you have any children. Along with child support, child custody and visitation will need to be determined.

All of these subjects will directly affect your child's wellbeing and happiness. It is crucial to work with a Long Island fathers' rights attorney in order to preserve your relationship with your children and reach an outcome to your child support issue that will be to your benefit as well. Whether you are seeking child support or think you may be required to pay child support to your ex-spouse, an attorney can help.

The Fathers' Rights Association of New York State is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing support to fathers in the face of serious child custody and support matters throughout Long Island, New York. We are strong advocates for fathers' rights and understand how important child support is to your future as well as your child's.

What Determines Child Support in New York?

Child support is typically calculated based off a set formula, but specific child support amounts will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Combined parental income is determined by first subtracting social security and New York City taxes. Following are basic child support calculations (but these may vary depending upon your particular situation and the needs of the child):

  • One child - 17% of combined parental income
  • Two children - 25% of combined parental income
  • Three children - 29% of combined parental income
  • Four children - 31% of combined parental income
  • Five or more children - 35% of combined parental income

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